A Cosmic Walk in the Park

Interactive Projection Mapping
Join us for a cosmic walk in the park!

The City of Calgary in partnership with Axis Z Media Arts, Emmedia and Beakerhead present a night of projection mapping, live music and bubbly surprises. Join us, along with 10 other local artists as we preset new projection mapping works in the Central Memorial Park and inside the Memorial Park Library.

Space Beats is a cosmic themed interactive projection mapping that takes you on a journey through the stars, passing by some interesting creatures along the way.  Step up and join the aliens by playing the projections in real-time using our cosmic drum pads.

Bubble Pop Park is back by popular demand! We're bringing lo-fi fun to the park with our custom built bubble volcanoes that produce thousands of bubbles every minute.

RotoSpace is a collaboration with sculpture artists Incipio Modo that is is part of our ongoing research and experimentation in sculptural projection mapping. Using custom built electronics and software we will explore the possibilities of 360 degree generative projection mapping onto a rotating sculpture.

September 20, 8pm - 11pm
Central Memorial Park
Free admission

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