About Us

Axis Z Media Arts (AZMA) is a digital art studio based in Calgary, Canada that creates genre-blurring digital experiences that break out of the traditional rectangular screen and into the real world.

We specialize in projection mapping, interactive installations, 3D animation, and sound, with a focus on artistic detail, technical execution, and audience engagement.

Our team comprises media artists, creative coders, designers, and technical specialists from Canada and Colombia, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration to push boundaries and inspire new discoveries.

We strive to engage the digital era with curiosity and wonder while questioning its impact on our lives.


Axis-Z refers to the Z-axis in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, which gives an object depth and makes it 3D.

Our Responsibility

Our use of large-scale projection mapping is energy-intensive and can have negative environmental impacts. To offset this, we support Cool Earth, a non-profit organization that helps rainforest communities prevent deforestation and its effects on climate change.

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