Projection Mapping Installation

December 10-19, 2021
Central Memorial Park Library
5pm - 11pm

We teamed up with Victoria Park BIA,  (who just got some lovely laser projectors) to create and commission three new projection mapping animations that explore a wide range of styles and techniques while representing Canada and Colombia.

Animation #1 by Laura Anzola and Matthew Waddell uses abstract geometry and particles - tightly synchronized to the beat - to highlight architecture and rhythm.

Animation #2 by Residuo Animacion is a hand-made, stop motion animation using pastels and powdered pigments to take us on a crafty journey through texture and human touch.

Animation #3 by Sergio Moreno is a smiley mix of 3D and 2D animation that brings the library into the park with books, written text and colourful paper transitions. 


Presented by Victoria Park BIA and Calgary Public Library

Artistic Direction and Projection Mapping: AZMA

Animation 1: Laura Anzola and Matthew Waddell
Animation 2: Residuo Studio, Daniela Briceño and Diego Cortes
Animation 3: Sergio Moreno 

Technical Direction: Marc Lavallee

Photos: Studio Stratagem (Emily Promise Allison)
Video: Kara Bree Productions

Thanks to: David Low

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