BiblioBeats 2

Projection Mapping Installation

September 28-30, 2023
Central Memorial Park Library
7:30pm - 11pm

Over the last two winters, AZMA has partnered with animators from Calgary and Bogotá to create six unique projection mappings at Central Memorial Park Library. AZMA handles the technical side, allowing artists to focus on creative storytelling. This collaboration offers a community platform for artistic expression without the need for technical expertise in projection mapping.

The first trio of animations drew inspiration from the library's architecture, its role as a repository of books, and the cultural significance of Memorial Park. Utilizing a diverse set of techniques, artists Residuo, Sergio Moreno, and AZMA produced works that range from 3D and 2D digital animation to motion graphics and handmade stop-motion.

The remaining three animations were crafted with the winter season in mind. As the solstice nears and the days grow shorter, these pieces by Tyler Longmire, Emmanuel Ho, and Residuo serve as luminous reminders of the Holiday Spirit, casting light and warmth during the darkest months.

Together, these six animations span two themes and showcase the diverse potential of architectural projection mapping.


Presented by Victoria Park BIA and Calgary Public Library

Artistic Direction and Projection Mapping: AZMA

Animation 1: Laura Anzola and Matthew Waddell

Animation 2: Residuo Studio, Daniela Briceño and Diego Cortes

Animation 3: Sergio Moreno 

Animation 4: Residuo Studio, Daniela Briceño, Blanca Castellar and Diego Cortes

Animation 5: Emmanuel Ho

Animation 6: Tyler Klein Longmire

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