Blinken Brix

Interactive Projection Mapping

An ordinary wall transforms into a sea of looping geometries filled with strange animated characters and shape shifting textures that make your mind GLOW. 

We modified a retro exercise bike to become an interactive projection controller that allowed audiences to pedal to control the projections.

You could also have your photo taken and have it appear on as the head of a funky dancing geometric character!

Created by:

Project Leads: Laura Anzola and Matthew Waddell
Technical Director: Marc Lavallee
Animation: Matthew Waddell, Laura Anzola and Jadda Tsui
Electronics: Alec Brilling
Music: Sam Vipond
Video: Kara Bree Productions
Photos by AZMA Digital & Chelsea Yang-Smith
Cover photo features animation by Jadda Tsui  

Presented as part of GLOW: Downtown Winter Light Festival 2019

February 14-18, 2019

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