Red Earth

Projection Design for Theatre
RED EARTH is a five-year project that combines a graphic novel and theater exploration. It culminated in the world premiere of a new play and the release of an accompanying graphic novel illustrated by GMB Chomichuk. The play features an illustrative aesthetic, with the set transforming into the pages of a graphic novel.

Set in a world on the brink of self-destruction, the audience witnesses humanity's last-ditch effort for survival: three astronauts sent to establish a new life on Mars. Each astronaut has their unique motivations for accepting the mission, but none are prepared for the unforeseen consequences awaiting them on the red planet. The story delves into themes of legacy, discovery, and the essence of humanity.

Receipiant of the Winnipeg Theatre Awards Outstanding Design, 2019

A One Trunk Theatre production

Directed by Andraea Sartison
Assistant Directed by Ross McMillan
Technical Direction by James Thurmeier
Stage Managed by Jane Buttner
Projection and Animation by GMB Chomichuk, Matthew Waddell and Laura Anzola
Lighting by Itai Erdal
Sound Design by jaymez
Set and Costume Design by Daina Leitold
Design Mentor by Brian Perchaluk
Featuring Dutchess Cayetano, Gwendolyn Collins, Alicia Johnston and Toby Hughes
With guest appearances by Arne MacPherson, Ardith Boxall, Victoria McNeil, Natalie Stefanson and more!

Premiered May 8-18, 2019 at the Prarie Theatre Exchange | Winnipeg, MN

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